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About GlobalCare

GlobalCare brings over 100 years of experience in the clinical trials and home healthcare industries supporting over 400 studies in over 50 countries by effectively delivering high quality and convenient clinical trial services in the home or alternate-site setting. GlobalCare maintains a global clinical network of ambulant clinicians and Country Coordinators and operates offices in North America and Europe. GlobalCare supports all phases of clinical trials in a variety of therapeutic areas, genomics and personalized medicine in all age groups. Globalcare also provides a variety of site support services. Please call today at +1 (847) 282-3280 or E-mail us at info@globalcarect.com



Whether it’s at home, school, the office or other alternate location, GlobalCare’s ambulant care services for clinical trials conveniently bring visits to the study patient. GlobalCare maintains a global network of multi-lingual Country Coordinators and local traveling service provides (nurses and physicians). Services include:

Global Project Management

Centrally managed global network of multi-lingual clinicians, in depth knowledge of local medical practices, understanding…

Site Support

Assistance with patient screenings/scheduling for study candidates, on-site study tests and assessments, staff training…

Ambulant Healthcare (At-Home Visits)

Study drug administration, blood draws, other biologic sampling, clinical assessments…

Central & Local Pharmacy

Storage and distribution, compounding and dispensing, ancillary supplies, cold chain logistics, sourcing of commercial products and devices (infusion pumps)…


Assisting patients to travel to investigator sites for protocol visits when they are not able to travel on their own…

Quality & Customer Services

Quality assurance and management, standardization of processes, adherence to local and national regulations, customer service available 24/7…

What Our Clients say

“It would be very difficult  to conduct serial blood draws by regular site staff and the assistance of home nurses has been very valuable”(Study Site Netherlands)

“I did not want to stay a whole day at the hospital. Instead I was able to do sunbathing in my garden”(Subject Netherlands)

“With your availability and your work, I’m hopeful that I can have a better quality of life”(Subject Portugal)

“With my restrictions, my husband would have to miss days off work to take me to my  hospital appointments. It would be all so much difficult”(Subject Portugal)

“Without home visits, subject would have to drop out of the study when his disease progressed and he was no longer able to self-administer the drug. He is located 500 km away from the site” (Study Coordinator, France)

“In my opinion, home care services are of major importance in the context of clinical trials, since they contribute to minimize study travel burden, reinforce protocol compliance and most of all, to an effective increase in patients’ quantity of life” (Study Coordinator Portugal)

“We have a subject living in Northern Ireland and our site is located in London. Home visits are key to keep the subject in the study. Most of our patients choose to be visited at their homes, even when located not so far” (Study Site U.K)